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Different Window Styles To Choose From

Thinking of replacing some of the windows around your house? It’s a very valuable home improvement to consider. Not only are new windows beautiful, they’re energy efficient.

There are various types of windows available for installation. Let’s start with some basic styles of functioning windows that will provide ventilation when wanted and protection from the weather when needed:

Single or double-hung windows slide open vertically. A single-hung window’s top pane is fixed, while the bottom pane opens upward. On a double-hung window, both panes open and close. These are the most common home windows.

Sliding windows are attached at the top and bottom. They slide open and closed horizontally.

Rollout or casement windows are commonly found in bathrooms. They’re hinged on their sides and swing open like a door. The usually have a crank handle that opens and closes them.

Awning or hopper windows are commonly found in basements. They swing open and closed vertically. Awning windows are hinged at the top, while hopper windows are hinged at the bottom.

Louvered windows have several vertical or horizontal panes that tilt or pivot open. They are mostly used in milder climates due to the air that can get through the slits.

Elegant looks are combined with these basic window styles to create some additional and modern designs:

Bay or bow windows protrude out from the wall of your home, giving the feeling of a more spacious room. They can be of double-hung or casement combinations.

Circle or triangle top windows can be coupled with single or double-hung windows to shine more light into tall areas.

Garden windows are smaller versions of the bay window. They provide a sunlight platform for your favorite house plants.

Architecturally-shaped windows are custom designed to fit into and accentuate even oddly shaped areas of your home.

Whether you’re ready to update the energy efficiency and style of your home with new windows now or you need some time to think about it, you can always find professional, experienced window contractors with CA Construction Center. Contact us today to start your project right and build the right windows for your needs.

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Driveway Surfacing Options to Consider

There are variety of options available for surfacing a driveway. It is best to choose a something which is practical yet functional. Different properties will suit different surface styles. The most popular types of driveway surfaces are concrete, asphalt, and flag stone slabs. There are all variations to these and most homes will suit any of these types.

Concrete is a popular option because it is a simple, low cost surface. Plain concrete driveways are gray in color and not particularly attractive. A better option is pattern imprinted concrete. This is concrete which is colored, and a stencil is applied to the surface to create a design. Pattern imprinted concrete is not the most natural looking surface but it is probably the easiest one to maintain. It is available in many different colors and styles.

Asphalt is usually laid in a black color. It is a very plain surface but it is practical and functional. It is also available in dark red and this looks very attractive on some properties, especially with a charcoal brick border. Sometimes there are problems with asphalt in very hot areas. It is quite a soft surface and has been known to melt in the direct sunlight. Asphalt is not very cheap on small driveways but it can be the most cost-effective solution for larger areas.

Flagstone slabs are available in a variety of styles. The most basic and low-cost option are pressed concrete paving slabs. These are usually 2’6″ wide by 2′ long, but they are also available in different sizes. There are a lot of ornamental concrete paving slabs available. These are usually weaker than pressed paving and therefore mainly used for patio surfaces. However they can be laid on a driveway with an extra strong foundation. The most attractive flagstone slabs are natural stone ones. These are very strong and also very attractive.

California Construction Center understands the different options available when choosing a driveway style. We have the tools and expertise to create the right driveway for your home and build it up to the best possible standards. Contact us today to learn more and start your driveway project.

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Home Addition Tips & Ideas

Adding on to your home is a huge and, potentially, expensive step. You have to keep in mind your budget and what additions would be serve you and your household. Keeping in mind the increase in your home’s resale value is also a good idea when you are wanting to make a profit. There are several ideas for additions that will make your home more of what you need it to be as well as increasing your home’s resale value.

Larger Kitchen
Increase the size of your kitchen when adding on to your home. This will make your kitchen more user-friendly for you as well as future buyers. Use the added space for additional cabinets, to make room for a kitchen island or for larger appliances such as refrigerator or stove.

Build another bathroom when adding on to your home. This will make the lives of all your household members much better as well as increase the resale value of your home. Make sure to add a stand-alone shower and plenty of storage space in your new bathroom.

Extra Bedroom
Add another bedroom on to your home. Create a guest bedroom that can also double as a home office. Be sure to add enough room in this additional bedroom for a large walk-in closet and vanity area–including a counter with extra storage.

Family Room
Create a family room for your home when building your new addition. Make it spacious enough to suit your needs, yet cozy for your family and friends. Consider placing on the back of your home so you can add a sliding glass door that provides both access to and a view of your backyard.

Screened Porch
Add a screened porch onto your house. Remember to include sun lights (or “star lights”) in the ceiling to add more natural light. Be sure that your screened porch is wired for electricity. Many porches aren’t and this is an added plus. A screened porch will add value to your home because it can also be used as mudroom or can easily be converted into an additional bedroom.

There are a wide range of additions to consider when thinking about expanding your home. California Construction Center will guide you through every step of the process to ensure that your addition is perfect for your home and your family. Contact us today to learn more and get your project started right.

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Is It Time To Improve Your Home?

Another year is over and once again we all made that list of New Year’s resolutions that we always swear this year we really will keep. If making some changes around your home found its way onto that list then here are some of the remodeling trends that are expected to heat up in 2011.

Green Remodeling, Indoor and Out

Bamboo floors, thatched roofs and chipped bark siding may sound like remodeling projects that only a jungle person would undertake, but an increasing number of average homeowners in the US are warming up to the idea of green remodeling. The good news is that prices are also coming down as more and more contractors are educating themselves in the art of eco friendly remodeling.

Remodeling for Relaxation

With the economy still taking its own good time in showing signs of recovery and the real estate market still in the doldrums, homeowners are still looking for ways to de-stress at home. For many that means creating new spaces in the home they have that offer comfort and relaxation. For some that means creating a “zen like” spa bathroom, while for others a basement game room fulfills their need to get away from it all.

Planning for the Future

Remodeling contractors across the country are noticing that the trend for “aging in place” remodeling continues to increase. Even if they are years away from having to worry about needing such things, savvy homeowners are planning for the future by commissioning bathroom, kitchen and general remodeling tweaks that will make their homes more accessible, improving the chances that they will be able to avoid having to leave the home they love should their mobility decline.

Making Smarter Hiring Choices

Consumers are getting smarter when it comes to hiring the right remodeling contractors. Finally, after years of nagging from industry experts, consumers are seeking help when it comes to finding reliable contractors for their remodeling projects. California Construction Center has the experience and tools to perfect your home improvement and remodeling projects. Contact us today to get started right and let us make your ideas come to life.

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Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2011

The bathroom of the 21st century is a place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy, not just a place to wash up. More and more people are starting bathroom remodeling projects that not only improve the overall look of the space, but improve its function as well.

Here are some of the hottest bathroom remodeling trends for 2011

Luxurious Soaking Tubs

Just a few years ago jet tubs were all the rage, but nowadays more bathroom remodeling projects are requiring contractors to install a larger soaking tub instead. A soaking tub offers a more tranquil, restful bathing experience than a noisy jetted tub does and they do tend to be far nicer to look at as well.

Walk in Shower

There is always a need for a good shower in the bathroom, as people do not always tend to have time for a bath everyday. The ceramic tile walk in shower is hot right now, especially when it is paired with almost invisible shower glass doors. It is not to hard to see why such a shower is so sought after. The glass doors give an extra sense of space to the bathroom and the elegance of the ceramic tile is hard to beat.

Radiant Heating

As a bathroom flooring choice, ceramic tile is both durable and elegant. The only real downside is that it can be as cold as ice to walk on barefoot. Radiant underfloor heating solves that problem easily though. The fact that radiant underfloor heating has been shown to be more energy efficient than pretty much any other form of bathroom heating is a plus for many people as well.


A stark all white bathroom is fast becoming pretty much a thing of the past. People increasingly realize that bold colors in the bathroom can add a shot of personality and style to the room like nothing else. Golds, blues and greens have become commonly requested wall colors for bathrooms nationwide, but you should follow your own heart and choose the colors that appeal to you in order to best put your own style in the room.

California Construction Center has years of professional experience in bathroom remodeling and home improvement projects. It is essential to hire a professional in order to bring your ideas to reality. Contact us today to get your project started right.

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Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For The New Year

The kitchen is one of the more important places around the house. It is where hearty family meals are created. It is where family members usually unite for a good chat over good food. It is also a nice storage area for hip and functional appliances that make homeowners lives easier.

Kitchen remodeling is an exciting project to get into. It is a worthwhile project that will help you improve your kitchen surroundings to improve the quality of your life at home. If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling, CA Construction Center can give you kitchen remodeling design ideas that you can use to beautify this important space in your house.

Living Room Number Two
Lately, the kitchen is considered to be more than just a place to cook or eat. It is also turning to be a suitable place where household owners can entertain guests and even spend some leisure time. As such, the kitchen space is being maximized. This means that kitchen appliances and other functional items, which you will need for cooking, are better masked or hidden. Tools that can help unveil the gourmet chef in you are also getting ahead of the rest. That is because cooking is rarely considered a household chore but more of a hobby.

Going Green
The green revolution is changing the way we usually live our lives. This includes the ordinary ways we deal with our kitchens. Eco-friendly items, tools, and gadgets will get into most kitchens in the coming days, months, and years. Although more expensive at times, household owners are agreeing to pay the price rather than suffering from the effects of a badly battered environment.

Efficiency and Convenience
Yes, the kitchens of the near future are getting more functional and easier to move around in. The point of kitchen remodeling, after all, is improving your quality of life. So going for mega features is definitely the way to go. Custom storage areas and stylish cupboard inserts can make a substantial difference in the way you work around your kitchen.

High-tech and Updated
Technology sure pays a pivotal role on any kitchen remodeling project. The infusion of technologically advanced appliances, kitchen tool, gadgets, and gizmos will always be a trend. That is because it does not only make life easier but also makes your stay at the kitchen far more enjoyable.

Solid Colors Taking Shape
Adapting a design trend that is fresh and bold is what you should be looking forward to in the coming year. The use of solid colors, bold patterns, and oddly shaped accessories define whats hip and hot. Adding a nice punch to the usual monochromatic design is the way to go.

CA Construction Center has the experience to create the right kitchen designs for your project. With the right tools and resources CA Construction Center will bring your ideas to reality. Contact us today to discover the perfect kitchen for your needs and style.

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Roofing Styles: Consider Your Options

Choosing a roof type will depend upon your finances, aesthetics, building codes and climate. Today’s homeowners have a vast array of choices available to them when deciding what their roof will look like. The choices are so plentiful that they may even be a little overwhelming. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of all roofing types is important to help in making your decision.

Composition Shingles
Composition shingles are made of asphalt or fiberglass. This is a popular roofing choice because they are both inexpensive and easy to install. Composition shingles are also likely to need repair or replacement more quickly than other types of shingles and other roofing materials.

Asphalt Shingles
Another common roofing shingle uses an asphalt base that is then covered with granules of crushed minerals. The granules make it more difficult for these shingles to tear, but they are also prone to curling.

Fiberglass Shingles
Fiberglass shingles are similar in appearance to asphalt shingles, but don’t have the same tendency for curling. They do tear more easily, however, and are subject to cracking after 10 to 15 years.

Cedar Shingles
Wood shingles made from cedar provide a rustic look as well as durability. Because they are knot-free and rot-resistant, wood shingles may last anywhere from 25 to 50 years without needing replacing. The durability is based in part on the climate to which they are exposed.

Roll Roofing
Roll roofing is constructed like asphalt or fiberglass shingles, but comes in wide rolls. It is also less thick than shingles and so it isn’t as long-lasting and durable. Installed in double layers, roll roofing can last as long as a single layer of shingles.

Slate Tiles
Slate tiles crafted from stone last very long and are good choices for locations where fire is a concern. The disadvantage to this protection is that slate tiling is expensive and requires experienced workers to install correctly.

Clay Tiles
Clay tiles are only appropriate for a house that can support their heavy weight. If your house can support clay tile, you may never have to worry about replacing it as it is very durable and long-lasting. Clay tiles also will give your roof a Spanish architectural style that you may not find suitable for the rest of your design.

Vertical Metal Roofing
Vertical metal roofing has an industrial look about it, but is becoming increasingly more popular for residential use. The thicker the panels used, the longer vertical metal can last. Copper metal is available, but is more expensive.

Rubber Roofing
Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber roofing is a rubber type of roofing that is appropriate for flat roofs. These large sheets are flexible and very strong, but a silver coating is sometimes used to enhance durability.

Tar and Gravel
Many older flat roofs are made of tar and gravel. Switching over to EPDM is an option to consider, but repairing or renewing an existing tar and gravel roof with the same material will be easier and less expensive.

Concrete Tiles
Concrete tiles are a less expensive option when you want the look of clay tiles. Concrete is also just as fire resistant, but the weight makes them suitable only for houses that can withstand such a load.

With the variety of roofing materials available, it is important to consider the needs of your home and your own personal style. California Construction Center has expertise with all types of roofing materials and can help you decide which roofing material best fits your needs.

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Exterior & Interior Home Improvement Painting Tips

Giving your California home a fresh look can be as easy as giving it new coats of paint. One of the most commonly overlooked home improvement projects is the simplicity of adding a different coat of paint to your home’s exterior. In fact, it is one of the top five value-adding home improvement projects that can be done to your home.

According to multiple experts, exterior and interior paint jobs consistently rank in the top five for home improvement projects that can add value to your home. When it comes time to sell the home, you want to make sure that the projects you have previously completed will reap a financial benefit. Not every project is considered to be a wise investment. While theoretically every home improvement or renovation project adds value to your home, since you are putting money into your home through added materials and labor, not every project realizes a return on your investment. Others only add marginal value to your home’s worth. That makes it important for you to think about the projects you are considering and find out if they are deemed good financial investments. As mentioned above, paint jobs are considered wise investments. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when undertaking this project, whether inside or outside the home.

1. Consider a professional painter such as California Construction Center for your home’s exterior. Of course, hiring a professional painter will cost you more, but the result will be a cleaner and more vibrant look.

2. Don’t forget to start with a primer. A base coat of tinted primer will make the paint look a whole lot better. Primer creates a sealed surface for paint, which makes the paint look more vibrant, hiding previous colors and blemishes. They also add to the life of the coat of paint, preventing cracks and peeling. It makes the paint last longer and stay more durable, something extremely important for exterior paint jobs. Don’t forget that primer will actually save you money since it will keep you from having to use up a lot of expensive high-quality paint to cover over previous colors or marks. The tinted primer is less expensive and can act as a first coat.

3. When picking the color, you want to steer clear of outrageous colors that make a home harder to sell. It is a fine balance between your personal tastes and remembering that this is also a home improvement project that can add value to your home in the eyes of potential future buyers.

4. Pay attention to details. Even if you are overwhelmed with the size of the project, resist the urge to hurry through the preparation or the actual painting. Protect nearby furniture, electrical outlets, woodwork, cabinets, countertops, and exterior surfaces. If you are tempted to rush through this home improvement project, it may be better to allow a professional to plan the project.

5. Finally, don’t avoid the more expensive paint just so you can save some money today. Remember that more expensive paint is priced higher for a reason. If you are doing this for your own present enjoyment as well as for purposes of future home value, be willing to spend a little extra on stronger, more vibrant paint.

Those are just five tips to keep in mind when giving your home’s exterior or interior a new coat of paint. It’s a project that can add value to your California home years down the road when you decide to sell it. Therefore, keep that in mind every step of the way when undertaking this project. California Construction Center has the expertise and skilled contractors for your painting project. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior painting, we will guide you through your remodeling project. Contact us today for all of your construction and remodeling needs.

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Exterior Home Improvement – Let Your Home Give The Best Impression

Your home’s value can be improved by remodeling its exterior and adding to its curb appeal. A house with great curb appeal “should create an emotional desire to own the home and to live the lifestyle and status it represents, which hopefully continues inside.” Whether or not you’re currently planning to sell your home, it’s great to drive up to your home at the end of the day and love what you see.

Paint is the least expensive and most effective change you can make to your home’s exterior. When choosing an exterior color it is important to consider the style of your home, the natural landscape of your area, and the style of your neighborhood. As a general rule, the larger the home, the more sedated the color should be. If you love a bold color like turquoise, fuchsia, or purple, consider saving your favorite color for a single element of the home like the front door.

If your home has wooden siding consider upgrading to a more modern composite like a fiber-cement, or composite siding. Fiber-cement siding is designed to last as much as 50 years and has greater insulation capabilities than wood. It is also not subject to insect infestations.

Every home needs a sound roof to protect its occupants from the elements. A roof can also have a major impact on the appearance of a home. If your roof is sound, it’s too expensive a change to make for cosmetic reasons, but if it needs to be replaced consider all of your options. Expensive and inexpensive roofing materials now come in a wide range of colors and styles.

The landscaping around your home may be overwhelming its exterior. If your home has mature trees and shrubs are they accenting your home or dominating it? Consider dramatically cutting back shrubs, and having trees professionally trimmed and thinned. Simply clearing out some of your existing landscaping may give your home new life.

If you home is over twenty-five years old and it has its original walkways an upgrade is probably needed for cosmetic and safety-related reasons; most cement walkways will sink, chip, crack or be raised by tree roots. Many options exist for your new walkway. You can tile it with pavers or slate tiles, or custom stepping-stones with the spaces filled with pea gravel. Once you’ve decided on your pathway, be sure to line it with decorative lighting.

California Construction Center has the experience for interior and exterior home remodeling projects. We know what it takes to meet the needs of homeowners and build the homes of their dreams. Contact us to learn more about starting your construction project and how we can guide you through it.

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Choose The Best Flooring For Your Needs & Style

One of the most wonderful things about owning your own home is the right to choose flooring materials you feel best reflects your personality.

Different Floor Styles Reflect Your Tastes
Like clothing and hairstyles, flooring trends also come and go. Changing ideas and perceptions determine not only what is beautiful to wear, but also what is beautiful for the home. Floors are one of the first things to reflect changing standards, being that floors cover a great area and is responsible for a large part of a home’s appearance. If you like to keep with the trends, you may want to choose less expensive options or choose a timeless material that is not necessarily trendy, but it is certainly not out of style either; hardwood flooring is an example of one such material.

Flooring Styles: Changing Aesthetics
Floors may very well reflect the changing standards of how a home should look over the years, but these restrictions have been relaxed. Today, how a home looks is a reflection of the homeowner’s needs and preferences. These days, flooring preferences somehow depend on the environment in which the home is in. Homes in tropical climates may almost always have hardwood or bamboo floors, the better to complement the surroundings.
Homes in more temperate climes may prefer carpeting or tile flooring. The homeowner may also want a more luxurious look to his home, thus settling on marble or granite, or exotic hardwoods.

Flooring Styles: Laying Out and Choosing Designs

For added flair, you may also want to be adventurous and try floors that allow for personalized designs. With modern techniques employing lasers and water-jet technology, let your imagination run wild as you design the floor of your dreams. These designs can be used to break up the monotony of large tiles or floor boards; French pattern tiles, or mosaics are great accent pieces for floor designs of all kinds. Or a choice of two or more types of wood flooring, laminate floors, or tile can make for a striking, customized layout.

Use Flooring to Give the Illusion of Space

When laying out your flooring, you may also want to consider laying larger pieces diagonally as this gives the illusion of expansion and will somehow make the room seem larger. Don’t limit yourself to what is prefabricated or merely suggested to you. Of course, if there is any chance you’ll want to redecorate before a few decades have passed, you may want to reconsider something a little more neutral.

Your Flooring is Your Choice!

Whatever the choice, it is really still up to the homeowner to decide. You are the only one who knows what you will be happy with in the long term. California Construction Center is here to guide you through the process of creating the right flooring for your home. Contact us today to receive your free flooring estimate and start building the perfect flooring for your home.

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